The Best Ways to Improve Your Next Long Flight


So, you are preparing for your vacation flight to Toscana vacation Condos. As well as excited to arrive in Arizona, but a long airplane flight is an extended time to spend before you arrive. So, let’s look at some ways to distract yourself, avoid boredom, minimize problems, and enjoy your upcoming flight.

Getting Ready for Your Time in the Air

If you have special dietary needs, make sure your airline can accommodate them. Otherwise, you will need to take food with you. Over 40 airlines now offer gluten-free meals for persons with gluten sensitivity, so most all airlines can accommodate more common dietary needs. If you have special needs, you need to request your meal when you book your tickets.

What you eat before you travel is also important. Try to eat light meals the day before so your digestive system is not working overtime while you are flying. At higher altitudes, having to digest food that is high in fat content or sodium can cause nausea.

Where you sit on a long flight is important too. If you can, book an aisle or a window seat as either offers you only one person on one side of you. That way, if you travel coach or business, you will not feel so crowded. If you have long legs, definitely opt for the aisle seat, as you will have a bit more room to stretch your legs.

We all want to look presentable both in-flight and when we deplane.  But nowadays most people opt for comfortable clothes as opposed to more formal attire. The looser your clothes are when you fly, the more comfortable you will be in-flight. The same applies to shoes.

Swollen legs, ankles and feet plague some frequent fliers. Inactivity, cabin pressurization, and dehydration are well-known causes of this problem. Isometric exercises, getting up to walk frequently, and drinking enough fluids can help alleviate this problem.

Another helpful solution was designed in 1966 by Arcopedico of Portugal. Called the Sec, it is a unisex shoe that has become quite popular with people who fly a great deal. Its’ knitted nylon upper allows it to stretch to accommodate foot swelling.

On a long flight, you may want to do some sleeping, so you would be wise to invest in an inexpensive eye mask and some earplugs to take along with you on the plane. The ear plugs can also help keep your ears from popping while you are many miles high. There are even ear plugs specifically designed for airplane flights, and many folks feel they are even better than gum chewing for protecting your ears while you are flying.

Once You Are Aloft

It is good to reduce the amount of carry-on luggage you take on an airplane, especially for long trips. While you may feel you absolutely must have certain things with you, there isn’t always overhead storage space available, and you may have to store your carry-on luggage under your feet. This can cause you to be quite uncomfortable in your seat.

In-flight meals are usually higher in salt because the dry air and cabin pressure in an airplane dull one’s taste buds. The vegetarian option meals tend to have less sodium, and do not contribute as much to the dehydration caused by the dry air and pressurization in airplane cabins.

Not all airlines have power for laptops, so if you are planning on using your laptop in-flight for work or play, be sure to check with the airline before booking a flight. Portable laptop chargers are available, but a bit pricey. Solar chargers are available for iPads and other tablets, if you feel you can get by with a tablet. Foldable keyboards are available for tablets, and some tablets have a built-in keyboard.

And now, for the topic most dreaded by everyone who flies a lot – jet lag. There are ways to ensure jet lag does not cause its’ worst problems: insomnia, indigestion, irritability, and disorientation for a few days after traveling.

Jet lag comes about when you travel across several time zones because your circadian rhythms end up out of balance with those of your destination. Our circadian rhythms respond to the light and darkness in our environment and bring about mental, physical, and behavioral changes that pretty much follow a 24-hour cycle. When we travel eastward, we experience more severe jet lag than when we travel westward.

You can minimize the disruption of your circadian rhythms when you travel by beginning to change your sleep patterns to more closely match those of your destination. There are also some natural remedies you can use to alleviate the jet lag symptoms. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying any remedy, however.
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