Top 10 Spa Treatments You Need to Try


Depending on whether you’re a DIY “spa girl” or you love the ultimate pampering experience of letting the professionals do it all, you’ll find a bevy of options are out there to help you feel more beautiful. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and everywhere in between, there’s something for everyone in these treatments—and these are only the beginning. In no particular order, let’s talk about several of them:


Want Soft, Shining Hair? Have an Egg!

Egg yolk, mayonnaise, olive oil, and avocado, prepared well, can make a yummy salad, but they also make a nourishing hair treatment when combined with a little conditioner of your choice. Various recipes for this treatment can be found online, and they’re super-simple to use. Mix the ingredients, apply to hair, wrap, and let “soak in” for a couple of hours, during which time the combination of healthy oils and protein work their magic on hair that needs a pick-me-up. After treating, shampoo and dry as usual, and enjoy!


TLC for the Skin You’re In…

Let’s face it: your skin takes a beating. Between environmental pollutants, stress, and dietary or sleep deficiencies, you put your body’s largest organ through a workout every single day. Refresh and replenish it several ways:

  • Puffy eyes benefit from a dressing of green-tea-soaked pads, cucumber slices, or raw potato. The astringent qualities in potato help reduce swelling or “bags,” and the cucumber is refreshing and restorative.
  • A mixture of cacao powder, sugar, and honey will soothe and soften dry lips (a priceless tip for wintertime with its super-dry heated interiors!).
  • Facials or whole-body skin treatments come in as many “flavors” as you like, from mashed banana and heavy cream to sugar, mud, or clay. Bananas and cream soften the skin and reduce redness or discolorations, while sugars, mud, and clay act as mild exfoliants to remove dead skin and refresh the top layer overall. Other skin softeners include a paste of brown sugar, coconut oil, and lemon, which you can use as a shower scrub!


For those of you who love a healthy, golden glow year-round, tanning has never gone out of style. Tanning beds can be all right when used in strict moderation—a session or two of a few minutes now and then, or a session to prepare the skin for a sunny vacation spot. Spray-on tanning has also come a long way in recent years. Consulting professionals is the best way to avoid the potential of an “orange” look that so often betrays incorrect application or use of tanning aids.


…And What Lies Beneath

No spa list would be complete without massages, for good reason. From hot-stone treatments to deep tissue therapy, massage is a beauty treatment that is as healthy as it is enjoyable. Besides the obvious benefit of stress relief and relaxation, a good massage releases toxins from the body, eases muscle soreness or stiffness, and energizes you better than even a short nap—and certainly better than caffeine!


The Final Polishing Touch

Your hands and feet certainly benefit from whole-body treatments such as massage and seaweed wraps. But they also deserve a little special attention of their own, too. If your work dictates immersing your hands frequently in hot water—house or business cleaning, medicine, or art, for example—then a manicure can be a restorative well worth its price. A good manicure conditions your hands all over, and shaping and polishing help keep your nails from splitting, breaking, or getting ragged.


While you’re primping those pinkies, don’t neglect your feet! It’s bad enough that, in our business lives, many of us cram our feet into shoes that are fashionable but not very comfortable. Fortunately, a regular pedicure helps undo some of that damage: from the lovely soak in warm water to the final coat, buff, and dry, your feet will love every minute of an extra-special pedicure. Seeing your toes so happy might even lead you to buy more open-toed shoes to show them off!


Care that Pays Dividends

Today’s full-service spa offers an array of treats from a simple French manicure to herb wraps, essential oil combinations, and custom-designed cosmetics to use at home. Spas aren’t just for women anymore, either: men, too, are getting wise to how great it feels to be at your best. In today’s hectic world, a spa treatment offers something for every member of the family, for not only better looks but better health.

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